Friday, October 7, 2011

Good Gardens!

This has been such a great year for my gardens.  Last year not a single tomato ripened, nor apples grew.
My flower beds were overtaken with lemon balm and buttercups which is fine for a short while.  This spring we dug out all the beds, filled them with new garden soil and planted flowers everywhere.  Granted we were inspired by wedding plans, but since the wedding my gardens have been a joy to look at.  Now fall is coming and I'm sad to see the flowers go, but waiting for those leaves to take their place!
Moms Garden
 Calendula wanted to take over this summer.  I found an easy recipe for a calendula salve-love it!
So many tomatoes too.

This is a leek flower head.
Plaid Garden

Flower Gardens

 Granny Smiths

Pumpkins in the Rock Garden

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