Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Days Fly By

Our beloved little blog has been neglected this month and it's my fault!   So sorry friends.
Shelly and I have been cruising around to all the great country shows in the area.  We've been shopping and talking and passing out flyers for our sale.
Road trip adventure

Abundance Vintage

Diane Clements

Wedin Farm

Even JZ Knights' sale

Now, unbelievably, our show is next weekend!

  We love all our returning vendors and welcome our wonderful new vendors with open arms. We're really looking forward to see how the show unfolds.
The charm of our market is the fact that we have 25 great vendors who really love what they sell, and care about their customers.  It feels cozy and personal with music playing, laughter, yummy foods to eat, and treasures to be found.  It's truly worth a visit because while you're supporting your favorite vendors you're bound to catch the holiday spirit too!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Road Trip

 A road trip that we will always remember.....

This was the most amazing homestead.  We felt so lucky
to have the opportunity to pick through the
old outbuildings.

Old bead board cabinets and this sweet little desk with original mustard paint.

Loading up

our goods...
Vintage Christmas balls found in the old postal building.
As we packed up all our treasures.... I  wondered about the things we had found....what is the story of each item?  Who owned them and what happened to their family?  Whose hands have touched these wonderful things?  Who will treasure them next?